About UCD

Universal Club Database

UCD, short for Universal Club Database, is a simple and consolidated club application system, designed to make applying to school clubs quick and painless. UCD is currently a closed project, and you must contact Leon in order to feature your IBSH club.


How do I feature my club?

To feature your clubs, please contact Leon by e-mailing him at [email protected].

What is the UCD code for?

The UCD code allows you to work on your application and them come back later to finish it up and submit it. Your data is automatically saved on our servers, and can be retrieved with your unique UCD code.

Can the clubs see my application before I submit?

Nope. You have to submit your application for them to be able to review it.

Can I still edit my application after I've submitted it?

Nope. And please don't make a duplicate application, it will be rejected.